Research assistance and developer

Haunted Encounters is a game  to engage participants in interacting and obserivng the exhibits while visiting the Natural History Museum of Funchal. Tasks for the project: Game design, 2d and 3D Artist.

Currently working on Turning Point – an interactive story to prompt young audience to tour the museum and discover its history through the eyes of two characters.



2D and 3D artist for a  transmedia storytellingt experience called Fragments of Laura.  The images illustrate the work in progress  developed for the application, where we (Rui Trindade and Sandra Olim) used 3D characters and scenarios with real images and facts to convey the story.

Fragments of Laura

Levada Story

Given the recent incidents that happened at the pedestrian walks in Madeira Island, this project was created to raise awareness about possible dangers situations and safety precautions when doing a levada.

We developed (Luís Ferreira, Rui Trindade, Rui Rela, Paulo Bala and Sandra Olim) a safety campaign that included an animation video, an interactive video and promotional material.
My role for this project was storyboard, graphic designer (pamphlet and website) and some 3D assets (sign, tree, wooden door) and textures for the main character.


Levada Story from Team Firecrest on Vimeo.

Promotional material





levadastoryboard (1)

(images with purple dot were painted by Paulo Bala)

Pre-Rom “A Capoeira”


Game developed for Kindergarten students of the department of education of Madeira. Students explore concepts like numbers, letters, composition and get information about chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Roles: Game desing, Illustration, animation, sound design and basic programming
Graphic designer: Cd/DVD covers, Poster, banners and invitations

Team: Marcia Azevedo, Luis Araujo, Ivone Milho and Sandra Olim.

Promotional material:

capa para capoeira


cd para capoeira

cartaz capoeira

Sumo – Game


Project selected for the 2013 Building Virtual Worlds show. A collaborative and competitive game, where two players control one Character (Sumo wrestler) to win a battle by pushing its opponent out of a Dohyo.

This game was created for the Jam-O-Drum platform during Round 3 of BVW (Lightning Round) at the ETC. The entire game was created in 1 week.

Platform – Jam-o-Drum.

Role: Game Design and 2D artist.

Team members:Lilian Qian (Artist),Ojas Dileep Sawant (Programmer),Xin Ning (Programmer),Justin Yong (Sound Designer, Producer)

Space Race – BVW Round 5

Project selected for the 2013 Building Virtual World show. Race against your friends to collect as much space junk as you can before the time runs out, all on an stunning 26 foot screen.

Platform – Mobile Device (accelerometer).

Roles: Game Design, 3D artist (spaceship, asteroids, satellites, sputnik, Banana peel).

Sound Design: Sound effects for dropping, grabbing, bumping, jet-pack. Background music for game play.

Team: Adarshkumar Pavani, Ingrid Ecker, Ojas Dileep Sawant, Joel Ogden